Loved Again Sisterhood



Too many years spent doing what was expected of you, the career, the family the obligations to everyone but yourself?

Now it is time to say YES to your happiness and begin to redefine your marriage and life to match your dreams


What's Included:

  • A Women’s Only Membership.
  • A Secret Facebook Group.
  • Weekly Accountability Email.
  • 1 x monthly Group Coaching Calls Via Zoom
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Monthly Topics
  • *** Opportunity to Upgrade memebership to include 1* monthly call with me.

A place to get real, raw and authentic, explore your desires, your limiting stories and the beliefs that have brought you thus far.


Loved Again Sisterhood


Are you planning to stay married, leave your marriage or you are still unsure?

You’ve tried to make things work for a while and it seems like there is nothing left to do.

Are you resigned to what is, or just not ready to take the leap and leave your marriage, disrupt everything and start afresh?

You may still have that little flicker of hope which is keeping you hanging on.

The truth is, that it isn’t just feeling stuck in your marriage that hurts, but also the sense of isolation that takes over when all is not well in our marriage.

Do you feel judged by other people?

Worried you will be railroaded into making decisions that you are not yet ready to take?

Fear that people are beginning to get bored listening to your same old problems without resolution?

Do you feel like a fraud with your friends and family unable to speak your truth and so you  withdraw, socialise less instead of getting all sweaty palmed and self conscious at answering that simple questions “How are things?”

Most of my clients were in a similar space at one point and it is important to acknowledge that you  DO NEED support, you do need a place to share your frustrations, fears, questions without being judged and without having other people thrusting advice at you.

I believe strongly that we all have the answer within us, we just need a to know how to access it, which is why I created The Sisterhood as a place to be heard and find your own solutions, although our problems maybe similar, each one of us has a unique need and therefore no two people will resolve their marital problems in exactly the same way.

A place to stop trying to out think the problem and learn new ways of looking at your marriage, new techniques to change the way you communicate with your husband and a place to rediscover YOU. Not the wife, mother, daughter, employee, sister or friend – but the YOU with your needs, your values and your unique desires in life and in love.

A place where I will teach you the tools to change your relationship from virtual strangers existing in the same space to the re-connection which sees you becoming each others anchor and beacon of hope.

A place where you will no longer feel like you are walking on eggshells and you confidently speak your mind knowing that your partner is listening and responding rather than denying your feelings and becoming defensive.


Imagine a bad day at the office or at home with kids, who would call for comfort and a kind word? Your husband, of course, to hear his strong soothing tone and to know that he has your back.

How beautiful when you glance at your phone and see his number flash up, you face lights up with a smile rather than the internal groan and a fleeting thought about not responding. You hit that little green button with a smile on your lips and an enthusiasm you thought you’d left behind in the honeymoon period.

Or snuggling on the sofa watching TV together rather than sitting stiffly wondering what to talk about and whether it will lead to yet another meaningless argument.

How would it be if you didn’t have to agonise over the words you use, pondering and thinking and over thinking how your husband may react to your choice of phrase or your tone. The exhaustion of being hyper-alert looking for just the right moment to begin “The Conversation.” The queasy nervous stomach and the clammy palms and of course the stuttering and getting the words wrong and falling once again into self-defence – no that isn’t what I meant. I’m just trying to …..

Instead, you have an inner confidence which allows you to connect with your husband and speak your truth without creating the drama and the tension.

You will love and you be loved.

These are some a few of the tools you will receive in our Loved Again Sisterhood with monthly topics and ample opportunity to receive training and group coaching.


Who Am I?


I’m Allison Reiner and apart from being a personal development and Relationship Coach, I too am on a journey of self-discovery which began when my marriage felt unsafe and a little more like a war-zone than the safe haven I always imagined marriage should be.

Along the way, I have peeled off many many layers of beliefs and stories, ideas and limitations about who I am and what I desire in this life.

I have saved my marriage, it is stronger, more loving, healthier and a lot more fun than I could ever imagine.

I have had the opportunity to work with many women who just like me have found themselves lost and unhappy in their marriage, confused and feeling hopeless about the future.  I'm honoured to have been able to share my experience and watch them become empowered to create the relationship they desired and a happiness they believed wasn't meant for them

I have created friendships deeper than I ever imagined, changed career, became a fearless advocate of Self-Love.

I have looked deep into my heart and made peace with many of my perceived shortcomings and am on this journey to embrace every part of my being and I invite you along for the ride.


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