I started my journey with you focusing on the unhappy relationship I felt I had within my marriage and ultimately realized I needed to focus on myself and take a lot more responsibility for my destiny.

As I focused on my marriage during our coaching sessions, I learned helpful ways of communicating with my husband that I hadn’t heard about before. I also learned to question how my own background and upbringing shaped my behavior and beliefs about relationships. And, I hugely appreciated how you challenged some of my stale old thinking and helped me see things differently. Most importantly, with you as my coach, I felt supported and not alone.

Although our coaching session discussions focused mainly on what was happening in my marriage (e.g., the fight of the week), I benefited from you directing me to think about other areas of my life –areas where I wasn’t stepping up enough. I benefited from completing a vision board and thinking about my “Wheel of Life” -– both which were concepts I had heard about before but was never held accountable for completing.


Hiring Alli to be my coach has been life changing. When I got in touch with her about coaching almost every relationship in my life was struggling and surviving instead of thriving. Alli inspired and empowered me to value myself and create boundaries Her pertinent questions allowed me to look at what needed to change and how, step by step, I was going to achieve the change. Now, with Alli's help and support, I have a plan and it working! I know the change must happen within me and I know "happiness is an inside job" to be the truth. Alli is a talented, skilled coach that I would highly recommend.

JH, Ireland

When I first approached Allison I felt like my marriage was dead. I was terrified of the idea of leaving but I was so lonely in my marriage, it seems like we had spent about three years slowing getting distant. The it was as if we had lost the way to speak to each other without it descending into arguments. We seemed not to agree on anything any-more.

I decided I wanted to work with Allison because I had been following her for a while, read some of her post on Facebook and eventually booked myself a call, I knew immediately I wanted to start working with her, but to be honest I still didn’t believe or really understand how the process could change my life they way she promised. I remember sharing this in one of our first meetings, however I was completely engaged the process. I was so desperate I was prepared to do throw myself in 100%.

From the very first meeting I began to see how I was contributing to our problems and how by making small changes the whole way my husband and I spoke to each other would change. Within a few weeks we were going from barely conversing to actually sitting down and talking about our days. It seems silly but it is such a long time since we had even done that.

One of the biggest things I learned was – to drop expectations and just believe in the process. Of course we still have a long way to go – but I have gone from barely hoping to believe my marriage could be saved to being convinced that it can be, if I continue to put in the effort.

One of the most amazing things is watching how my husband is beginning to open up again and share what is going on with me, he has no idea I have been through a coaching program – but he definitely has noticed the changes in me and in our relationship.

I would definitely recommend working with Allison, she has shown me a completely new way to live, and it all began with working on myself. Putting myself first, creating a self love routine and really listening what I wanted – can you believe that has been what was missing, I always thought putting everyone else first was my duty.

I never felt I had really big issues about the relationship with my husband, and comparing our intimacy with other couples around us – married around 10 years and having kids – we got on ok with each other. But I was not really happy; I was just “not too bad”.

I hoped Alli would help me attain the “the unreachable”: a real intimate relationship, where the daily routine would not make it look “just regular”, a reason for me to wake up earlier, a reason for me to look forward when my hubby coming home from work and a way to limit quarrels and daily misunderstanding as much as possible.

What I got from our coaching sessions was profound!

I realized my own faults,

I understood what my hubby was yearning for from me (and it wasn’t sex, or keeping the house clean).

I dared to open myself, to stand out of my way and put my ego aside for a moment and really listen, and see: the real him, not all the things about him that I didn’t like or the hidden expectations he was not accomplishing.

I couldn’t believe the changes… within just a couple of weeks!!!

Now, with my new self-awareness, not only do I have a much greater and fulfilling relationship with my husband, but I am also a much better loving mother and a lot more confident professional Entrepreneur. I get to connect so much deeper with all people around me. Those “side effects” were not written in our coaching contract and I am more than grateful for what I got all together.

If you find yourself in an uneasy situation with the love of your life or don’t feel “so much in love” any more, then don’t wait till you face really big problems. Do something NOW! And from my own personal experience I will confidently say: Allison Sara Reiner is your “GO TO” expert.

Vassi Sarri - Athens Greece


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