Are you worried the sunshine may expose the cracks in your relationship?

Summer holidays have already begun and it is a time for family, fun and togetherness, expectations of long lazy days on the beach, a more relaxed approach to life and a different rhythm – the sun somehow fills us a lightness of heart and a hope for a brighter future.
The sunshine fills you with hope and offers expectations of different outcomes.
Your convinced that when you both relax for a while everything will seem different, better, brighter.
You will be able to reconnect and re-ignite the romance from bygone days and create a happier more loving future.
And that brighter future can be yours for the taking when you know exactly how to recreate that connection with you partner, when you know how to open your heart and create a space for both of you to let down your defences and begin to rebuild the communication lines which have slowly over time been down-graded to essential conversations only.
For many however, it is a time of stress and worry, a time when the cracks can no longer be ignored. The sudden confrontation of your reality with no “real life” filters such as lack of time, children, career etc. or sheer lack of incentive to spend time together become magnified. There is nothing to hide behind. The sun shines brightly on the cracks.
Suddenly you are aware of all the problems, and in the cold (well warm sunshiny) light of day everything seems hopeless, that list of reasons to leave seems to be growing and you are struggling to for a reason to stay.

In the meantime my latest article - What To Do When Tour Marriage Feels Untterly Hopeless offers some useful thoughts..


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