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A program for women who ready to reignite their love life and create a life they love.

Cost: €247 ($290) if booked before December 29th



Where you are in life is a sum of every single decision you have ever made!

Is the truth of this statement keeping you prisoner in a soulless marriage. What happened to your soul-mate, the promise of love, you two against the world?

What if I make the wrong decision?

This one question stands between you and the marriage you were once so committed to. You have suffered needlessly for far too long, so now is time to transform breaking point to your breakthrough moment.

Tea or Coffee?

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It isn't difficult, is it? You know which you want, you have enough self-awareness to answer this question without having to ponder and discuss, ask opinion from others, try to change the coffee into tea or vice versa – it is just simple!!

Mine is a coffee incidentally, every single time!

Should I stay or should I go?

This is another very simple question and you do know the answer to it, though it takes a deeper self-knowing than the first question. When you have taken the time to become acquainted with yourself on more than a surface level you WILL know.

You see it isn't the question which keeps you stuck, it is getting the answer wrong that causes pain.

What if you stay and nothing changes, you get older, a little more bitter, the kids suffer and eventually, he leaves you anyway or maybe he doesn't and in 40 years time you are on your death bed regretting not having known true love?


You go, you gather all your courage, you fight your way through court for custody of the kids, the family home, you learn to live with less, you spend months if not years trying to create a stable life for you and the kids only to discover that actually married life wasn't that bad and your marriage was crippled by expectations.

50% of divorcees regret their decision 5 years after the divorce and you don't want to be that statistic.

What so many people get wrong is they ask themselves the wrong question. It has nothing to do with whether you should stay or you should go and everything to do with becoming 100% sure that whatever your decision it is the right one.

The question you should be asking is How will I 100% know I am making the right decision.

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When you know this answer the other part becomes no more than creating a plan of action and putting it into place. You are no longer driven mad by the what ifs and the maybe's.

You will know and you will be able to reignite your love life or gracefully and lovingly leave whilst creating a life you love.

When you know the answer to this the guilt you feel towards your partner, your family, the kids and towards yourself loses it's power, you just know you are 100% making the right decision.

This is exactly what the (brand new) Loved Again & Forever Boot-camp is about.

I have seen this dilemma so often in those I work with and speak to that I wanted to help you get clear on this and become ready to create the life you love how ever that will look – so I have created a 4 week boot-camp which will lead you inside and help you get re-acquainted with the real you – the one who knows! The "YOU" before you were beaten down society and other people's beliefs, the "YOU" before you began to form your ideas about how your life should look.

The real "YOU" knows what she needs to do to live her life happily and contently as easily as she knows whether she prefers tea of coffee.


Week 1:

Rewrite your Love Story

We will start this life changing program by FINALLY tackling your long held beliefs (about you & others) which keep you from clarity - and love life you're dreaming of.

Week 2:

Falling in Love with Yourself (And him?) again.

Because when you start to accept, love and care for you again, those feelings will be reflected back at you, period.

Week Three:

Talking your way back to Love

This week we will examine your communication and the fear of being honest about your feelings. You'll start speaking your mind in a way that allows your partner to connect with you rather than become defensive. This alone can transform your relationships, and how you do love.

Week Four:

Romance and Butterflies

By now you will "Know" and will be ready to create the life you desire and deserve.

Week Five: Bonus week

60 minute 1 to 1 call with me to answer your questions, ensure you are 100% sure on your decision and clear up any fear.

Do you need to be 100% sure – then this may be the course for you. To be 100% sure book a connection call with me or sign up here for more details about the launch.


Is Loved Again & Forever Boot camp for ME? 

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Women very often tell me how lonely it is when the marriage starts to fall apart, how they don't always want to confide in family or friends for fear of being pushed to make decisions or being judged by those close to them.

A relationship doesn't break down overnight, it may be several months or even years of subtle deterioration and we may believe that those close to us are bored listening to the same story with no actions and we begin to retreat into ourselves.

It is also hugely exhausting, living long term in a difficult relationship – often we begin to withdraw from social activities because they can become overwhelming – which leads to increased isolation and loneliness.

This program brings together women in a similar situation, who desire to live happily is shared and there is nothing in the world more powerful than when a group of women set out to support each other and learn from each other.

The depth of transformation and the speed at which it can happen when you have this group energy is incredible, furthermore I so firmly believe that connection is the reason we are here and to find a group of like minded women, all seeking happy, healthy and loving relationships with whom you can share from your heart, offer your experience and receive support is incredibly powerful.

Transformation can be so much faster when are we are carried along by the group momentum.

Having a safe place to express yourself and to feel your power is incredible.

And finally, the cost is so much more affordable than working one on one with a coach and gives a taste of coaching if you have never done it before.



 Why Work With Me?

Because I get you. I WAS you. I too have been to the edge of marriage breakdown, drowning in the sea of fear, not knowing what to do (or not to do) next. I went through crying my eyes out, the feeling of empty heart...all the way to the other side when I not only 'saved' my marriage, but transformed it all together.

I created a relationship with my husband that still, years later, gives me butterflies in my tummy. The most beautiful part? I transformed myself. And incidentally, very many women - and the way they do love - since then. I have no clue at this point whether the right thing for you will be to transform your marriage or leave it.

What I am 100% sure about is the fact that with my help you WILL create the love life you deserve. It's time!


How it works

Cost: €247 ($290) if booked before December 29th

* Start date 15 January 2018.

* 4-week intensive course.

*Beautiful Weekly Workbook

* 4 x 90 minutes coaching sessions recorded via Zoom

* 1* 60 minute 1 to 1 consolidation (planning) session with me at the end.

* Dedicated Secret Facebook Group where we meet, we share and we grow and supporting each other.

Pre Course Questionnaire to be completed

Pre and Post Session questionnaires to keep you accountable


Gratitude Practice, A beautiful PDF with 30 daily gratitude prompts


Marriage In The Mirror Self-Study Valued at €147

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What do they say about me

.. I discovered my husband of nearly 30 years was cheating.  I cannot describe the shock the hurt and the anger - I had honestly believed he would never do such a thing….. 3 years of hell, promise after promise being broken. last chances given, tears recriminations, despair ,frustration etc etc.  I went to Marriage Guidance Therapy but to no effect - I realise now that (a) I was trying to change his behaviour and (b) trying to change myself too but not into an authentic form of me but a me who he would realise he loved and couldn't live without haha.

This is how CT described her life before we met.

She reluctantly agreed to work with me, sure that it wouldn’t change anything because she had tired everything. Here is what she say about the process and the resultslady 2789481 1920

She would not be giving me suggestions or advice. I guess looking back what I really wanted from her was to wave a magic wand like the fairy godmother in Cinderella and transform me into a princess. Although this might sound like the stuff of fairy tales she actually did EMPOWER me to take responsibility for my life, and transform myself not into a princess but the Queen of my own life.


For me Coaching literally transformed my life, I had read tons of self help books prior to working with Allison but I didn't know HOW to transform that knowledge into action, she quickly showed me how. It turned out to be the best investment I have ever made in my life - an investment in ME.


I think your messages about marriages and relationships are the most realistic and actionable messages I've ever heard--and I'm someone who's been to marriage counseling and read several books on relationships, so I've heard / read a lot.


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