You may have 100 reasons to leave your marriage but I have one reason you should stay, at least until you understand what it was you were attracted you to him enough to handover full power and authority for your happiness.

Until you know this you will never be fully free or happy.

Does it sound a little harsh?

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Probably not what you think.

Firstly, she is just as shocked as you.

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Enjoy the journey not the destination, that is exactly how I transformed (completely by accident) the breaking point in my marriage into the breakthrough moment, that saw me fall back in love with my husband (and as a bonus myself).

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To fit in seems to be the desire most of us want and in our endeavour to fit in we give up who we really are at our core. Even the rebel souls amongst have a deep rooted desire to fit in, we go in search of like minded souls, whether we are punks, or fitness fanatics we search our our tribe, the validation that we aren’t alone, the connection of like minds.

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Do you know your marriage as well as you think? I’m a relationship coach and normally when people learn what I do, it sparks many conversations and even more questions. A lot of the time I sense they want to know what category their own marriage falls into.

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Use those hurtful verbal exchanges to transform your relationship. Do you ever have one of those arguments that leave you feeling so enraged and indignant that you would leave there and then, never to return — because that would show her?

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Stop waiting.

I love statistics. I love being shocked by them and I get all gossipy in a "Did you know…..." teeth sucking kind of way.

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